Education Centers

Education Center Painting Service

Having a busy education center means your hallways and classrooms are also busy throughout the day. Having a busy school means it will need constant maintenance and a fresh coat of paint occasionally. This fresh coat of paint is what we can provide here at Bloom Painters.

Having a team of professional painters permits us to have a clear understanding of the job that your center requires. Whether it is an interior paint job or exterior, our painters will take as much time as you feel the job should entail so that your students’ services do not become interrupted.

Both your staff and students will notice the difference that our education center painting service provides and will leave a lasting impression for months to come.

Lasting Quality

The average educational center will experience a lot of wear and tear throughout the school year. From the moment our painters enter the job site, they will have a game plan set that will concentrate on areas of high traffic. Concentrating on the high traffic areas will increase the protection to the surfaces as the area’s appearance is also enhanced.

Why You Should Get A Hold Of Us

If you are used to a normal school schedule, then you will love that we work in accordance with your schedule so that no interruptions or delays occur. We understand the importance of staying on budget, which is why every detail will be discussed prior to the start of any project.

Painting Service For All Types Of Educational Centers

No matter what type of educational center you run, you can expect our services to be responsive to take care of any type of painting you wish. This includes repainting to cover outside graffiti or touch up work. If you need a job done before the start of a school year, we can take a weekend and have everything completed before learning resumes on Monday.

Some of the services we offer your educational center involve:

  • Detail painting
  • Markings and floor painting
  • Painting of all exterior and interior surfaces

Contact Us Today For A Quote

If you are in need of a new coat of paint or just a fresh touch up, then you should get in touch with us today. We will come to your educational center and develop a plan that is unique to your center’s needs. So go ahead and give us a call today!